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“Extremely high concentration of active CBD per serving, clean ingredients, with the perfect amount of peppermint flavor. Great product for recovery after hard workouts.”

Luke C.

1800mg Tincture, Somerset, New Jersey

“We got the pet tincture for our dog, who is 13 years old and has troubles walking around, and he seems like a puppy again.  After, probably, 2 weeks or so he was walking like a new dog!”

Nick K.

Pet Tincture, Greenville, Ohio

I use the tincture in my morning tea and it makes me productive, and calm and collected for the whole day.

Miranda L.

1800mg Tincture, Dallas, Texas

The lotion helped me heal a lot of tension and anxiety I held in tightened areas of my skin. It’s really great and I would definitely recommend to friends!

Lucy J.

CBD Lotion, Sacramento, California

“We used the pet tincture for our aging dog who could barely walk. After a few days he was running and playing like a puppy! Thank you for giving us a few more great days with him.”

Jessica G

CBD Pet Tincture, Boulder, CO

“My lovely 14 year old puppy has been using the pet tincture for almost 3 weeks and it has helped her gain mobility and energy. I am so thankful!”

Lorelei D

CBD Pet Tincture, Dallas, TX

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