CBD and Athletes

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Recently, CBD is appearing in the diet of many athletes and people who live active lifestyles. The primary effect being sought after is CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities. CBD offers a natural alternative to prescription and over-the-counter medication used to combat the inflammation and pain caused by strenuous exercise or injuries.

Cannabidiol (CBD) ingested orally has been shown in clinical trials and non-clinical populations to decrease recovery time and allow athletes and physically active consumers to perform at a high level. Starts and stops in exercise routines due to pain or injury is a frustration many athletes face. By reducing the time it takes for athletes to recover, CBD allows training to occur more often and more consistently.
Doses are usually in the 5 to 150mg range.

Many CBD products are targeted towards athletes with some athletes even becoming sponsored and endorsing product lines themselves. Not only that, but CBD has been removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s “prohibited list” which means that professional athletes can use CBD products without fear of testing positive for a banned substance. This is great news for high level performing athletes by helping recover quickly and perform at their peak.

Reduced inflammation coupled with improved sleep are two of the most sought after benefits from CBD. Some more recent studies are looking into CBD for neuroprotective effects such as recovery from head injuries and performance anxiety. Coupling all these benefit it is easy to see why CBD is becoming popular with athletes and people with active lifestyles.

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