Bad CBD is everywhere, here’s how to spot it

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CBD has become the talk of the town and everyone seems to recommend it for any disease, from a simple headache to cancer. As research suggests, hemp-derived CBD can be helpful for regulating the endocannabinoid system (“ECS”). The ECS is responsible for carrying out processes like digestion, metabolism, hormone regulation, appetite, immunity, memory, emotions, and sleep.

CBD use comes with a lot of concern about whether the products we use are safe. The food and drug administration can only review a dietary supplement after its marketed. With no industry standards, ensuring the quality of the product is quite a task. This is the reason you may be scammed with low quality CBD products. One analytical laboratory found out that 70% of samples failed due to having excessive contaminants or not even being derived from hemp. When the level of contamination is significantly high it can cause adverse side effects. Also, many products also contain a significant quantity of THC, which can cause euphoria and severe psychoactive effects or could cause someone to lose their job.


Let’s take a quick look at how you can spot low or no quality CBD products. 

No Testing Information

Any reliable CBD manufacturer should be able to provide a third-party certificate of analysis (“COA”) that shows the presence and levels of cannabinoids like CBD and THC and other contaminants. The COA must also include the batch number and the amount of each ingredient. 


Making Too Many Claims


CBD works but it’s not a guaranteed treatment option for every health issue. If a brand says that it can fix or cure an ailment, it is a big red flag. Not only this, if a product says it’s 100% CBD only, be sure to know it’s fake because no product can be made with CBD only. 


Dirt Cheap Price

We all love a bargain, but let us tell you that CBD is not a cheap product, and you cannot get a good CBD product for a too-low price. Some brands are way too expensive without being any better quality. With a little research  you can easily find moderately priced products of the highest quality as verified by laboratory testing. There is a  cost associated with the cultivation and manufacturing of CBD so the price could never be below that.


CBD Quick Check

Here are a few quick ways to examine your CDB product quickly. 


  • The name and address of the vendor are given
  • A listing of the CBD content in the product
  • Ingredients other than cannabinoids
  • Lot, batch, or control number
  • Production date
  • Expiration date
  • Instructions on how to use and store the product
  • Suggested serving size or dosing information
  • Warnings/contradictions
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