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Co Hemp Extracts is 100 percent organic hemp

Natural Colorado Grown and Manufactured Hemp CBD

We’re proud to offer high quality, trusted Hemp CBD products sourced from Colorado hemp using natural and organic methods that are laboratory tested. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention to each product. We know you will appreciate the care and hard work we put into the products that we enjoy bringing to you.

We use proven extraction techniques to formulate our products. We follow strict manufacturing procedures that are laboratory tested to ensure the highest level of purity and quality is achieved in every CBD product we offer.

100% Naturally Grown Colorado Hemp

We extract 100% naturally Colorado grown hemp that is NOT outsourced from overseas or any other state. Each batch is made with Hemp CBD grown in Colorado USA using GMP certified methods to ensure they are trusted and of the highest quality.

A Trusted & Experienced Team

Our team has been in the cannabis and hemp industry for over ten years! Our Hemp CBD product manufacturing experience is unparalleled and so are our products. We are dedicated to providing excellent products and excellent service to our loyal customers!

Which CBD Is Right For Your Needs?

We are constantly growing our Cannabidiol (CBD) knowledgebase.
Learn about each CBD product we sell, what it does, how to take the proper CBD dose.

Team Behind Our Success



CO Hemp Extracts

Andrew is originally from the east coast. He came to Colorado seeking a chance to work in the booming cannabis industry in 2015.

Starting at the ground level, he was eager to learn as much as possible about the business and industry.  Over the years he worked in all aspects of the industry from: growing to cannabis extraction as well as customer service and sales.

Andrew’s experience in the cannabis industry taught him that you can run an ethical business and produce quality products while still using organic and natural safe methods and materials. One of the most important things he learned from working with cannabis is that for a lot of people, THC and CBD are medicinal.

Andrew’s passions are activism, community involvement, music, and photography.



CO Hemp Extracts

Danielle is a native to Colorado who believes in the importance of viewing wellness from a holistic approach. After graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in psychology, she chose a career where she could help others feel their best, both in body and mind.

In 2009, she got into the cannabis industry with her husband, Dylan. Danielle thrives on the healing and joy she witnessed from serving cannabis customers for over 14 years.

She recognizes there is a need for alternatives to traditional medicine for people in many aspects of their health and lifestyle. Danielle believes these products should be available for all people, not just those who live in states where marijuana is legal.

This inspired the idea to create the line of CBD products now called Colorado Hemp Extracts. Danielle is excited to provide these products to people all over the world.



CO Hemp Extracts

Jeff is a Colorado native and is a pioneer in the field of cannabis law. He worked with the Colorado legislature to pass the laws that govern the Colorado cannabis industry.

With the legalization of hemp, Jeff quickly became one of the experts in this new area of law and business. He shares his knowledge and experience with other attorneys and teaches numerous lawyers and business owners across the country.

Jeff and his firm, Gard Law Firm, were voted the Best Law Firm in their hometown of Boulder, Colorado numerous times and Jeff was named a Colorado Top Lawyer in the field of Cannabis Law by 5280 Magazine. He brings a sharp mind and dedication to making sure our products are the most compliant, safe and trusted CBD products on the market.



CO Hemp Extracts

Dylan is a Colorado native that graduated CU Boulder in 2007 with a degree in Business Communication. Having run a variety of his own businesses while attending college, Dylan found his passion in plants and people.

Owning and operating a cannabis business in Colorado since 2009 with his wife Danielle opened opportunities in hemp extraction, formulation and product development. Creating Colorado Hemp Extracts is an exciting new frontier for Dylan.

Working with such a stellar team Dylan is able to focus on quality and consistency in Colorado Hemp Extracts products.

Providing CBD products he believes in and use, to people in need of top quality CBD products is one of the most fulfilling aspects of his journey to date.

Customer Reviews

We find it best to let our customers speak about our products.

“Extremely high concentration of active CBD per serving, clean ingredients, with the perfect amount of peppermint flavor. Great product for recovery after hard workouts.”

Luke C.

1800mg Tincture, Somerset, New Jersey

“We got the pet tincture for our dog, who is 13 years old and has troubles walking around, and he seems like a puppy again.  After, probably, 2 weeks or so he was walking like a new dog!”

Nick K.

Pet Tincture, Greenville, Ohio

I use the tincture in my morning tea and it makes me productive, and calm and collected for the whole day.

Miranda L.

1800mg Tincture, Dallas, Texas

The lotion helped me heal a lot of tension and anxiety I held in tightened areas of my skin. It’s really great and I would definitely recommend to friends!

Lucy J.

CBD Lotion, Sacramento, California

“We used the pet tincture for our aging dog who could barely walk. After a few days he was running and playing like a puppy! Thank you for giving us a few more great days with him.”

Jessica G

CBD Pet Tincture, Boulder, CO

“My lovely 14 year old puppy has been using the pet tincture for almost 3 weeks and it has helped her gain mobility and energy. I am so thankful!”

Lorelei D

CBD Pet Tincture, Dallas, TX

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